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Virtual & Augmented Reality: Technology, Design & Human Factors

3 oktober 2018 van 9:00 am tot 12:30 pm

In this double-session, we (ISPRS Working Group IV/9) explore the current state of the art in technology, design and human factors knowledge on virtual and augmented reality systems through presentations and moderated discussions. The main objective of the session is to identify the research gaps and discuss the solutions to existing problems. We will cover a range of topics such as follow:
Design for V&AR: rendering techniques, representation, abstraction, visual perception
Interaction modes, 3D interaction, gesture use with V&AR
Experimental studies for V&AR: usability, utility, behavior, interaction
Immersion, emotion, sensory experiences, scene perception, tactile & audio perception
Collaborative V&AR: geo-games, navigation, information and decision-making
V&AR for environmental and urban applications, for learning and education (e.g., ‘serious games’ or otherwise), for
simulating geophysics and socio-historical dynamics or for urban and architectural planning
The topic listed are intend to guide the focus of the session. If you work on a V&AR-related topic that is not listed above, you’re most welcome to send a submission as well. For more information please visit (

The workshop is free for participants of GeoDelft, otherwise a day pass has to be purchased. The deadline for an early bird registration is July 15.

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