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React Live Conference

13 september 2019 van 9:00 am tot 6:30 pm

React Live Conference

All Speakers, Topics and Event info under read more below.


React Live will take place at the best conference venue in the world Theater Amsterdam.

React Live is a unique opportunity to watch React & React Native experts Live Code on stage, working on a 500m2 screen.

13 Presentations from the World’s React & React Native Leaders covering all the new terminologies, principles and tools to apply when building components with React such as React hooks, Render Props, Higher Order Components (HOC’s), Context API, Webpack, SOLID and Styled Components.

React Live is a developer run and community driven conference brought to you by Frontend Love.

Join 700-1000 React Developers here in the wonderful city of Amsterdam looking to enjoy a great day of fun, learning, sharing knowledge and being inspired while being offered 5 star FREE catering during an epic lunch.

Take your chance to learn from the best React Developers on the planet as they talk through their experiences and whilst sharing their knowledge.

Join us on this spooky date Friday 13th September to watch coding take place covering a multitude of React topics. 

What to expect at React Live:


> Greatest Value Conference Ticket in Amsterdam

> “Most impressive Conference Venue I have ever been too” Evan You 2018

> Live coding on a 500 metre² screen

> Cinema Style chairs for maximising comfort and focus

> World Class Catering, described as “The best conference food ever”

> Learning from 10-15 amazing talks on topics such as React hooks, render props, HOC’s and more


Speakers & Topics 


Kitze Live Coding & Workshop

React Academy

Fastest typer in the game

Advanced Patterns, React 16 & Beyond and Hooks 

Keywords: #ContextAPI #statemanagement #components #reacthooks #useState #useEffect #useContext


Kitze founded React Academy to teach React and GraphQL around the world. He’s documenting his journey on YouTube. He made products like Sizzy, Twizzy, OK Google, JSUI, etc. 

Kitze will be doing an Advanced Talk & React Workshop exploring advanced techniques for making flexible and maintainable React components.We’ll see how using popular patterns like Compound Components, Controlled Components, Render Props, Function As A Child etc. can help us in simplifying things, making our components more reusable and our apps more declarative.

React 16 comes with some major changes and an update to the core algorithm. In this module, we’ll explore some practical use-cases for Portals, Fragments etc. React.lazy and Suspense will help us to easily code split and lazy load components in our app in order to reduce the final size of the bundle. And finally Classes are so 2018, so we’ll start by learning everything about the biggest change that happened to React: Hooks. Combined with Context, they are changing the entire state-management game. We’ll cover useState, useEffect, useContext, etc.


Eric Bishard at React Live


Eric Bishard

Progress Software

State Management with React Hooks

Keywords: #React Hooks #State Management

From the USA we will have Eric Bishard who is a Javascript Developer, Public Speaker and Developer Advocate working for KendoReact with Progress and Eric Loves Amsterdam. Eric will be guiding us through on how to maintain state with React Hooks, React State. Eric already gives us the spoiler alert on never run a hook inside a loop, condition or nested function - Hooks set the top level of your component - Only call hooks from functional components and never call hooks from a regular function.


Sid Kshetrapal at React Live



Building a desing system

Keywords: #Design Systems #Design Tokens #component libraries


Sid builds tools and services for frontend developers. He’s the author of bundle size and shelf, before this he used to work on the design systems team at Auth0 and was the Frontend architect at Practo. At the moment you can follow him on youtube where gives a full tutorial on building a Component Library: Badge Component, Accessible Breadcrumb, Buttons, Button Group, Input Group, Forms, Tabs, Spinners and more. Sid Will be Live coding what goes into building a design system.



Yoav Niran at React Live


Yoav Niran


React Tune Up – Measure your application’s performance health, fixing performance and handle media at scale.

Keywords: #ReactNative #Ignite #MobX-State-Tree


Yoav is a senior Frontend Developer at Cloudinary, when he is not writing code he is busy writing sci-fi novels. Yoav his talk will describe that Performance is like health. You don’t want to overmedicate. But when you get sick – how do you treat yourself and how do you prevent getting sick again? The same issues are relevant for your applications and performance: You don’t want to pre-optimize or over-optimize but how do you know if you have a problem and once you do, how do you go about fixing it? This talk will focus on three major areas: How to measure your application’s performance health, how to go about fixing performance issues and finally, how to handle media at scale.



 Sara Vieira at React Live


Sara Vieira
MC – Master of Ceremonies

Currently Living in Germany from Portugal we welcome Sara Vieira who is a developer at CodeSandBox spoke at Frontend Developer Love, GraphQL day and many other conferences on topics like, Preact, GraphQL, Apollo, CodeSandBox and more. We know and love Sara for her energetic way of interacting with the audience, funny jokes and ability to communicate with literally everyone. 


Elizabet Oliveira at React Live  

Elizabet Oliveira

Coding an SVG Animated Cat with Reactjs
Keywords: #Animation #SVG #UI

We have got Elizabet Oliveira from Portugal living in Lisbon. Elizabet is a UX/UI Designer & Developer. She will be talking about Coding SVG Animated Cat with Reactjs. Of course the most fun part of SVG animations is the possibility to animate individual paths, shapes and texts. Let’s try to recreate a React Animation.


Emma Wedekind at React Live 

Emma Wedekind

Live Coding a Portfolio with Gatsby.js
Keywords: #Component Libraries #Gatsby.js #styleguide #designsystems

From the USA living in Germany Emma Wedekind will focus on Component Libraries. Emma first worked with Gatsby Images and will now move on how to build a Gatsby Theme for a Style Guide that can be used for when you are building a design system. Emma has Spoken at React Girls London before and at React Live talking about Specialize in transforming a component library to be accessible or building your style guide with Gatsby.




Jamon Holmgren

Infinite Red
Mobile Development with React Native
Keywords: #ReactNative #MobX #Ignite CLI

From the USA we have Jamon Holmgren, a software developer, business owner, husband, and father of four, located near Portland, Oregon, in SW Washington state. Jamon will show you how building apps should be easy. I go to my 14 year old son’s basketball games regularly and would like to track his individual statistics, like shots, points, rebounds, and assists. As a programmer, I want to do this on my phone. For my live coding session, I’m going to build a React Native app that allows the user to track sports statistics. I’ll use React Native, Ignite CLI, MobX-State-Tree, and live-code a useful app from idea to completion! 


Tim Neutkens at React Live 

Tim Neutkens
Next Level Coding
Keywords: #Next.js

Tim Neutkens from The Netherlands is the Lead Maintainer of Next.js and Co-Author of MDX and Next.js. He leads the Next.js team at ZEIT and has a passion for creating scalable applications and improving developer experience. Next.js is used to build server-rendered applications, static websites, and more. Recently they have released Next.js 9.


David den Toom at React Live 

David Den Toom
Passionate People

How to implement Microfrontends at a large coorporations 
# Microfrontends

Co-Founder of Passionate People and Develops platforms based on a modern technology stacks to increase performance, ownership and development speed. Technologies used include Node.JS, React, TypeScript & Kubernetes.


Alexey Kureev at React Live


Alexey Kureev

React Native CodeGen


Keywords: #React Native #CodeGen #Fabric #TurboModules


Senior Front-End Engineer at Twilio. Previously Facebook. Passionate about React, React Native and their ecosystem. Co-author of “react-native link”. Occasionally blogging about React Native bridge, Apollo and React Native Network Layer. 


Alexey will show us how React Native goes forward with a new architecture. Fabric, TurboModules, CodeGen - soon enough, these concepts will become a de-facto standard for the community. However, is it ready for it? Some of the related changes like a new TurboModules architecture will implicitly affect the way we write our native modules. Hopefully, CodeGen is here to help.



Karan Thakker at React Live


Karan Thakker


Code Splitting with React Native

Keywords: #React Native #Ignite #Mobx-State-Tree

Karan works as a Mobile Engineer at Skyscanner, building the React Native infrastructure enabling other teams within the organisation to use it. Previously, he led the Web team at Crowdfire. 

Karan will walk through the existing landscape of bundling techniques for React Native, followed by a detailed introduction to an alternative idea of code splitting that he has worked on. Karan will look at Current techniques with a Short intro of Regular and RAM bundles and how they are loaded and the differences between each in terms of underlying implementation, performance, startup time and more. Code Splitting, Comparison to traditional bundling techniques, Explanation of all the different parts needed to make this work.


Max Gallo DAZN at React Live


Max Gallo 


Senior UX Designer & Developer

MobX – How does it work with and within React?

Keywords: #Mobx #library implementations #RxJS


Currently living in London, originally from Italy working as a Principal Engineer for the video sports streaming service DAZN. Max has spoken before at Frontend Love together with Luca Mezzalira on Micro Frontend Architecture.

At React Live Max will show implementations of Libraries you use daily. You can think of MobX and RxJS with React.js and a look behind the scenes ;)



Lydia Hallie at React Live 

Lydia Hallie 

React Advanced Trivia

Software Engineer & Thought Leader

Keywords: #Advanced React


21 year old full-time remote software engineer who mainly works with GraphQL, Serverless and React, currently working as a contractor for a San Francisco based startup. She also helps a lot of developers by creating educational content on her website, makes quizzes on her Github and Instagram stories, creating coding courses, and shares her passion for coding to over 80k people on social media.


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13 september 2019
9:00 am tot 6:30 pm


Theater Amsterdam
Danzigerkade 5
Amsterdam, Noord Holland 1013 AP Netherlands
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