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Hackers & Founders

7 maart 2019 van 7:00 pm tot 10:00 pm

Commercialisation of space is stymied by traditional business processes that are stuck in the stone age. Satsearch is working on solving this by building a B2B marketplace. Kartik Kumar, co-founder of satsearch, will share some experiences of their journey to date. #spacetech

Did you know that 90% of top achievers has high emotional intelligence? And there is good news! Emotional Intelligence is trainable. Mindfulness is a great tool to sharpen the emotional intelligence skills that are key for future -proof success. You thought mindfulness is a Buddhist monk practice? Well, then you probably didn’t know that people like Steve Jobs, Jeff Weiner and recently also Bill Gates use mindfulness as a way to stay calm and focused and to interact in a more thoughtful way with their ever changing environment. In this talk Jef and Carlien Cavens from oneUp will discuss the fundamentals of mindfulness, the scientific evidence as well as Search Inside Yourself, the more famous mindfulness program in the world, developed by Google.

Doors open at 7pm & drinks until the first speaker at approx 7.30pm. If you arrive during the talk please enter through the street door at the front of the bar and not via the side door from the main bar.

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Several years ago we started a Slack for the Hackers & Founders community. If you want to join the Hackers & Founders conversations in Slack (#jobs etc) you can sign up here ( immediately.

Cafe De Doffer

Runstraat 12-14 · Amsterdam


7 maart 2019
7:00 pm tot 10:00 pm
Data-/telecommunicatie | Veiligheid en beveiliging
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