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Digital Identity


19 november 2019 van 9:00 am tot 5:00 pm

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Digital Identity Summit

With sessions on Digital Identity as a fundament for all digital transactions and how you could move from your current IAM towards the world of fine-grained digital identities and ABAC, authentication without passwords, Self Sovereign Identity and Blockchain, RPA’s and CIAM we look back on a valuable day. Experts from partners like Forgerock, IBM, Gemalto and many others where present to share their insights.

Controlling access is a cornerstone for any organisation, be it from a business or compliance perspective. Indeed e-commerce, e-business, e-government are all impossible without knowing who the person is who is accessing your services. Indeed topics like data & privacy protection are impossible without proper control of access up to a level of “need to know”. It is for a reason that the topic ‘access control’ is basicly in every relevant security best practice or standard. Access control is a key topic in ISO2700x, in NIST, in PCI, etc, etc. With the coming of the European Trust Regulation we are even upping the game towards reliable/trustworthy e-Identies and cross-border authentication. Some organisations consider IAM and/or e-Identity so vital that they even have a chief IAM- or e-Identity-officer.

How do organisations build a trust-worthy digital environment?

Of course, there is IAM purely for security and compliance reasons. However, organisations that master e-Identities can provide access to their services/data in a controlled way. Think about the booming eGov-applications and the large number of applications allowing you to log on with your Facebook- or Google-account. All this, in combination with GDPR, holds quite some challenges and opportunities.

This conference brings you up to speed with key relevant topics, provides you inspiration and knowledge. In addition, it is a perfect opportunity to meet and discuss with peers and solution providers. Connecting the dots so to speak.


19 november 2019
9:00 am tot 5:00 pm
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Zakelijke dienstverlening | Data-/telecommunicatie
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